Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers for Changing Minds Conference.

Dr Rajagopal is the founder chairman of Pallium India, a palliative care non-governmental organisation based in Kerala, India. Dr Rajagopal is recognised in the international world of palliative care for his tireless efforts to defend the right of patients to live and die with dignity. He is our guest speaker at the Conference and will be available to answer questions at the pre-conference meet and greet – a public screening of his life.

(India – presenting by video link)


Yoko Sen from the United States believes all people should experience the end of life in a way that matches their values and goals. She is a musician, performer and patient. Her sensitivity to sound has inspired her to create a more soothing, healthier auditory experience in hospitals and health care environments. Focused as much on staff as patients, she makes a compelling case that the quality of the environment directly impacts the deliver of care and its outcomes. Yoko Sen is our guest speaker at Changing Minds and will question “What’s the last sound you will ever hear.”

(US – presenting by video link)