Te Omanga Special Education Fund

The Special Education Fund is used for the education and training of any health professional or support worker in the Hutt Valley wishing to pursue palliative care education.  The fund is made possible through the Changing Minds Seminar.

Changing Minds is run every two years. It is a joint venture between Te Omanga Hospice, as the specialist palliative care provider in the Hutt Valley, and selected Residential Care providers.

The primary goal of Changing Minds is to enhance the knowledge, understanding and acceptance of palliative care by health professionals so that all people have timely access to palliative care.  The secondary goal, achieved through surplus funds from the seminars, is to grow the Special Education Fund.

There is a panel who meet to discuss and approve Special Education Fund applications. This panel consists of representatives from Te Omanga Hospice and from the Residential Care sector.

The Chief Executive of Te Omanga Hospice has overall responsibility for the Special Education Fund.

Special Education Fund panel

Raelee Jensen Te Omanga Hospice
Kate Gellatly Te Omanga Hospice
Ros McIntosh Te Omanga Hospice
Anneke Barkwith Heretaunga Care
Dorien Preston Heretaunga Care


For more information, guidelines for accessing the fund click here, and application forms please click here.