Our Vision, Our Purpose and Our Values

Our Vision
Our communities receive equitable, responsive and proactive palliative care support.

Our Purpose

To provide or facilitate palliative care services to all people in need.

Our Goals

  • To engage with our communities to understand their needs and strengthen the delivery of services that meet these.
  • To seek equity of outcome recognising cultural, ethnic and social needs.
  • To work collaboratively with all health and social care providers to ensure our communities receive the care they need.
  • To grow our knowledge through research and education to strengthen the quality and delivery of care.
  • To be a great place to work with shared values where people feel included and belong.
  • To build the future sustainability of our hospice on the aroha of our community.

Our Values
Te Omanga Hospice also adheres to a strong set of values. People are employed at Te Omanga Hospice because they reflect these values and these values are held close to us in our work every day.

Collaboration, Role Model, Honesty, Trust, Believing the Best.

Trust, Collaboration, Listen, Honour, Communication, Willing to Compromise, Honesty, Flexibility, Can Do, Resourceful, Believing the best.

Honesty, Empathy, Courage, Positivity, Resourceful.

Eager to Learn, Role Model, Listen, Open Mindset.