Residential Care

Te Omanga Hospice supports patients in the Inpatient Unit, in their homes and also in Residential Care facilities. Our Te Omanga Residential Care team supports patients, their families, and the staff working in rest homes and hospital level care facilities throughout the Hutt Valley.

Our aim is to increase the palliative care capabilities of Residential Care facilities by working alongside them in an advisory role. We acknowledge the palliative care work that already takes place. Our team spends time in most facilities, working as part of their team when required. We often work with elderly people who have been transferred from hospital into residential care, so that the transition is managed well. As well as responding to referrals for support, we provide teaching sessions and mentoring for nurses and care staff. We are also happy to take referrals from patients and family members.

If you or a family member are being transferred to a Residential Care facility from the hospice for continuing care your medical cover may still be provided by Te Omanga doctors, or may be transferred to a GP. Nurses working in the facilities can access advice from nurses and doctors at the hospice at any time. Normal daily cares are performed by nurses and caregivers at the facilities and we work closely with them to provide continuing palliative care.