How you can help

Te Omanga Hospice has been caring for the Hutt Valley community since 1979 providing palliative care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to those living with a life limiting condition in their homes, in our hospice or in other health care facilities.

Te Omanga Hospice has been developed and shaped over the course of its existence by the generosity of individuals, families and businesses alike. This has ensured that the hospice’s services can be offered free of charge to the people in our community. However, these services do cost the hospice to deliver, and that is why we need support from the community.

Here are some ways you can support the Te Omanga Hospice Foundation.


The Te Omanga Hospice Foundation is a special group of individuals, businesses and groups who value and support the work of the Hospice and want to secure our care for future generations.

Members of the Te Omanga Hospice Foundation are regularly invited to networking and social events where there is a chance to meet with other members as well as enjoy a small, unique event.

Membership starts from $1,000 per annum. Please consider joining this special group of people. To discuss membership options, please contact our Fundraising Relationship Manager on 04 568 0725 or email


It is the Te Omanga Hospice Foundation’s role to safeguard the bequests received by the hospice which aren’t tagged for general operational costs.

Caring for people with a life limiting condition often results in a special relationship with the patients, their families, friends and supporters; special because it is often a brief yet very significant time for all those involved during a patient’s dying process.

Your bequest is a wonderful way to support the work of Te Omanga Hospice beyond your life-time. Your gesture of kindness means a great deal to the people we care for, and ensures the service remains free to all.

Your Bequest – which type is best?

Once you have taken care of your family and friends you can remember Te Omanga Hospice in several ways. A bequest can be whatever you can afford. No bequest is too small and it will be gratefully received and used effectively.

It can take a number of different forms:

  • A specified sum of money;
  • A percentage of the value of your estate;
  • Specific gift of property, art, shares or bonds, antiques etc;
  • The residue of your estate after provision for family and other beneficiaries. (The residue of your estate is what is left following payment of all debts and expenses and after payment of specific gifts to family and friends.)

Your Will – who will write it?

Your Will is a legal document; if the wording is incorrect, of if your Will is not witnessed and signed properly, it can be invalid. It is best to have your legal advisor or Public Trust draft your Will for you, as you can then be sure your estate will be distributed as you wish.

If you already have a current Will and you know you would like to help Te Omanga Hospice, your legal advisor can easily add a codicil regarding your gift.

We are very appreciative of the generosity we have received over the years from people in the region. While we remain reliant upon the goodwill of the community, the cost of specialist palliative care is increasing each year. That is why we ask you to consider a bequest to Te Omanga Hospice. Your kind generosity is greatly appreciated.

If you have questions about making a bequest please contact our Fundraising Relationship Manager, Kirsty Stratford on 04 568 0725 or email

If you would like to learn more about leaving a gift to Te Omanga in your Will, please visit our Bequests page here

Please click here to inform us of your decision or if you wish to request more information