Bereavement Support

Care for families and whānau does not stop when a loved one has died. The Family Support team understand that a new set of challenges now face family members and significant others. Grief and bereavement, although a normal process, can also be an unpredictable process and people sometimes need support at different times.

We offer support in various ways:

  • We send out a condolence card and bereavement care information booklet within the first two to three weeks after the death of the patient
  • We arrange a six week bereavement follow up phone call to families and significant others to check how they are coping
  • We arrange bereavement counselling support for adults if required
  • We arrange bereavement support for children through Art and Music Therapy if required
  • Families are invited to a Remembrance Service within 4 months
  • Bereavement support groups and walking groups are often run (See Family Support Events for details)
  • We also send an anniversary acknowledgement a year later