The Biography Service was established in the mid 1980s as a way for a person who has a life limiting condition to reflect, review and record their life experience.

The focus has always been on what it can do for the person in Te Omanga’s care. We discovered that the story is secondary in the process – it is what happens to the storyteller in the telling of their story that is the most important part. It is a therapeutic process and one they have control of when so often there is a lot they can’t control.

Sometimes someone will relate, in confidence, something to the biographer and request to not have it written down. These narratives often offer the most therapeutic effect.

A specially trained Biography Volunteer will record and transcribe your story – or only that part you wish to be recorded. When your story is published, copies are given to you, your family and whānau, as you decide.

To find out more, please just mention this to the Family Support team member you are working with.