Living with a life limiting condition or experiencing grief and loss can be a challenging experience both emotionally and psychologically. Counselling provides you with the opportunity to reflect on, and make meaning of, the changes that are happening to you and around you. It can help you make decisions that are right for you.

Diane Greenwood-Havea - Team Leader and Counsellor

Diane Greenwood-Havea
– Team Leader and Counsellor

Counselling can support you and others important to you, to have challenging conversations about death and dying. It can provide you with an opportunity to debrief to someone neutral who can validate and be accepting of your feelings and the situation you are in.

Diane Greenwood-Havea the Counsellor at Te Omanga primarily works with adults and young people over 18 years old. The hospice team or your GP may refer you for counselling support; however you and your family members or whānau can also self-refer to the service.

Diane also facilitates bereavement education and support groups. These groups allow thoughts, feelings, and responses to grief and loss to be explored and understood. It provides an opportunity to share coping strategies used to manage common issues like; learning to live alone, sleeping problems, relating to others when grieving and family system changes.

Diane Greenwood-Havea is available Monday to Thursday.

If you would like to know more about the Counselling Service, discuss your counselling needs or make an appointment, please contact Diane Greenwood-Havea on 04 569 0686 or email