Our Work in the Wairarapa

Te Omanga Hospice provides a Specialist Palliative Care Medical service to GPs and doctors at Wairarapa Hospital. They can call the Te Omanga Hospice on call doctor 24/7 for phone advice. We also provide out of normal business hours availability of Specialist Palliative Care Nurse advice to nurses in the Wairarapa.

A Te Omanga Hospice Palliative Medicine Specialist also travels to the Wairarapa to see patients at home, in Residential Care or at the Wairarapa Hospital once a week on a Wednesday. The Wairarapa Kahukura Palliative Care Service organises the patients to be seen by the visiting Specialist as requested by GPs and other Wairarapa health service providers. The visiting Te Omanga Hospice Specialists also provide regular education to GPs and other health service providers.