The Murray Bond Research Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The Te Omanga Hospice Foundation Murray Bond Research Fellowship is sponsored by the Te Omanga Hospice Foundation for the benefit of the palliative care community locally, nationally and internationally.

The Te Omanga Hospice Foundation Murray Bond Research Fellowship was established in 2011 to recognise the outstanding contribution of Mr Murray Bond, former Board Member of the Te Omanga Hospice Trust and the Te Omanga Hospice Foundation. Mr Bond served Te Omanga Hospice for almost 20 years and was its Fundraising Chairman from 1997 to 2004.


The Fellowship provides an opportunity for those working for Te Omanga Hospice and those familiar with and sympathetic to the aims of the organisation to gain exposure to ideas and knowledge which are of application and benefit to Te Omanga, its consumers and the palliative care community.

It is intended that these experiences will add to the body of knowledge available within New Zealand and internationally in the field of palliative care.

Categories of Applicants

Applications will be received from the following candidate groupings:

  • Staff employed by Te Omanga Hospice
  • Medical researchers who partner with Te Omanga Hospice staff in projects that are linked and relevant to the activities of Te Omanga and furthering the objective of palliative care
  • Professional staff from other not-for-profit health related agencies, who work in a co-operative way with Te Omanga Hospice, may be considered

Eligibility Criteria

The scope of any proposal received from applicants must be entirely relevant to the purposes for which the Fellowship has been established and the proposed activity/research must be specifically relevant to the work of Te Omanga Hospice.

Application Process

Applications are available from the Te Omanga Hospice Foundation website and can be submitted to the CEO, Te Omanga Hospice, for consideration at any time.

Murray Bond application form

The application form requires a detailed research/project plan and budget. Candidates should complete the application form by outlining such personal information as requested, as well as providing a research programme including the name of key facilities where the research study or experience will be undertaken. The scope of activity, a timetable and completion date is required, including a date upon which a final written report will be received. A full indicative budget for the proposal must be completed on the form provided as part of the application. Any travel and accommodation must be at the best available rate.

Rules of the Fellowship

  • The Fellowship will be carried out in a way approved by the Trustees.
  • Other funding could be obtained if the Fellowship will not meet total costs, on the approval of the Trustees.
  • It is expected by the Trustees that the Fellow will provide a written report within the agreed timetable and make such presentations as requested to interested parties.
  • Any costs associated with the publication of the candidate’s report are to be included in the indicative budget accompanying the application. Any publication is to acknowledge and record the support of Te Omanga Hospice Foundation in full.
  • Copyright of the report is held jointly by the author and Te Omanga Hospice. The report is to be made available free of cost to Te Omanga Hospice. The author shall not be entitled to make any charge relating to the publication of the report, but its authorship will be acknowledged.

Selection Process

All completed application forms and relevant documents will be submitted to the Chief Executive of Te Omanga Hospice who will convene the Selection Committee. The Committee may consist of:

  • Chair of the Te Omanga Hospice Foundation
  • Chair of the Te Omanga Hospice Trust
  • CEO of Te Omanga Hospice
  • Medical Director of Te Omanga Hospice

Successful applicants will be notified by the Chief Executive to confirm their acceptance of the Fellowship.

The successful candidate/s is/are required to take up the Fellowship within 3 months, or if agreed otherwise at the absolute discretion of the Trustees.

The Jean Murray Nicholson Scholarship

Te Omanga Hospice is the beneficiary of a bequest from the Estate of Jean Murray Nicholson.  To recognise Jean’s bequest, the Trustees of the Te Omanga Hospice Foundation have established a scholarship in her name for Nursing and Allied Health staff at Te Omanga Hospice who are seeking further qualifications in the field of palliative care.

The scholarship will be awarded annually at the discretion of the Trustees on the recommendations of the Chief Executive.

Please download more details about the Jean Murray Nicholson Scholarship’s eligibility, conditions of application, criteria, closing date, application form and information on how applications are made.

Please click here to download an Application Form